Why spend a

day without technology?

Technology is a distraction

When one is bored, he or she takes out his or her phone and searches the Internet. In one counsel, a phone has pretty much everything you can think of. It includes Internet access, contact information, games, and much more. It's no surprise that people use it when they have nothing else to do. When we are bored, don't want to be confronted with something in real life (such as avoiding someone when we run into them), or want to escape reality, technology distracts us.

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You can communicate better

Phones and other types of technology are nothing more than a source of distraction. We could be attempting to listen in on a discussion, or even pretending to do so, but once our phones beep, we have to check them. Then the real-life dialogue that we were having comes to an end. Conversations flow more smoothly and effectively without phones. There will be nothing to divert your focus, and the person or individuals with whom you are interacting will have no choice but to give you their entire, undivided attention.

You can see and understand things clearly

It is possible to see and grasp things clearly without the use of technology. You become more aware of what's going on around you, including people, places, items, events, and other things. Technology has a way of brainwashing us into thinking certain things. But, if we take a step back from technology, we may learn to think for ourselves and gain a greater awareness of who we are as individuals and who we interact with.

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How to spend a day without technology?

Read a book

When staying in our home cabins get lost in another world and enjoy a little time away from digital devices with an old fashioned paperback book.

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Walk in a sunset

Sit back, relax and watch the world go from day to night. Be aware of how precious and magical time is and enjoy the moment, without any distractions. Have a nice walk in this blissful sunset.


Get back to basics and enjoy some time free from thought. Meditation is a powerful tool for relaxing without the need for technology!

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Pursue a hobby

A hobby is a great way to unwind and give yourself a break from technology. It could be knitting, cycling, painting or renovating – whatever it is, go out and get the basics and fall in love with something hands-on.