1. Choose the right bottle Take a 2-litre soda bottles that are often lying around the house.
  2. Cutting up the bottles Cut the bottles anywhere between half in size to 2/3rd.
  3. Making drainage holes Make around 4-5 holes at the bottom of the bottle.
Layering up: Fill the bottom of the bottle with small rocks, potting soil and seeds of your choice, put one last layer of soil and water the sampling. Keep it in sunlight for healthy growth

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Eggshell Seedlings

  1. Break the eggs open and clear the contents; gently wash and dry the shells.
  2. Pierce the bottom of your clean eggshells with a sewing needle to create a draining hole for excess water.
  3. Use a spoon to fill each shell with a layer of damp soil. Place a few seeds in each shell according to depth.
  4. After your seeds are planted, find a sunny window and place your eggshell garden there to start the growth process.Lightly mist the soil with a spray bottle as often as needed.
  5. Once your seedlings grow to about 2 inches, move the entire carton into an outdoor garden spot.

Plant saplings in any container

  1. Get your containers and soil: Take an ice tray or any container. Make small holes for proper drainage. Look for a soil that is made especially for sowing seeds. Or you can make your own by taking backyard soil, combining it with water and fruit and vegetable peels ( acts as a fertilizer). Mix it well.
  2. Select your seeds: you can select any seed available in your kitchen like tomato, cucumber, chillies, etc.
  3. Get your plants ready for potting Fill your pot up to half an inch (1.25 cm) from the top with your soil mixture.
  4. Place seeds in the soil: Place your seeds in the pot. Gently press in the seeds, or lightly cover them with a layer of soil.
  5. Moisten the seeds soil The top layer of soil and seed should be damp, but not wet.
  6. Keep your plant in a sunny area where your seeds will get a full day’s worth of exposure.
  7. Water seeds as needed. Water the seeds as the soil starts to dry. It should always be moist, but never wet or muddy.

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