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Jaywant Group has gained very trusted name in the field of real estate and land development in Pune. It was set up in 2007, under the Chairmanship of Mr Dinesh C. Rathod with property development as its main focus. Our Company is one of the leading and reputed property developers headquarter Located in Pune, Primarily focused on Industrial, residential and contractual projects. Jaywant Group have completed projects successfully with overwhelming response from the clients. Our simple vision but a very appreciable and genuine thought and that is to make profit for the customers but no risk factor.

Jaywant group was formed with the objective of establishing a sustainable and continually improving construction company which was able to provide predictable and quality industrial warehousing solutions to our clients while concurrently fostering lasting relationships with professional, local authorities, government bodies, trade contractors and suppliers.

As industrial contractors and Solution providers, Jaywant Group is well equipped to undertake the most technical constructions and to direct and manage the works from the design to handover. Whether you require the construction only or you require a full design and construct package, we can manage the process and deliver you the Finished Product.

We undertake the majority of our works in the Package Forms (Turnkey). We are well established mid-tier company with an exceptional skill base undertaking commercial, residential and Industrial Constructions as well as design, warehousing and Logistics within the complete in bound of the Central and Southern part of Pune (Maharashtra).

We are an ISO 9001:2015 quality assured certified company for Real Estate, Land Holding, Industrial Shed Construction and project management Our Staff have been trained and we continually strive towards achieving greater environmental awareness and recycling construction waste.


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Words From The Chairman

  • About Dinesh C. Rathod
    From his humble beginnings in 1997 , Dinesh C. Rathod Founded Jaywant Group in early 2011 which today encompasses more than 6 branches and 60+ staff globally. Mr. Dinesh has a wide knowlege and 25+ Years of Experience in land Buying, Selling & Developments.
  • Words From The Chairman
    Jaywant Group takes great pride in everything that we do, and the projects we have delivered are proud examples what can be achieved when brilliant minds come together, determined to make a difference to the world we live.
    Attention to detail, superior quality, maximization of resources and elegant aesthetics are just some of the standards we demand throughout our projects from Industrial,Residential to commercial, when we build, the entire process from design and execution to its final delivery and Renting It For You - we try to ensure that experience of being a part of Jaywant Group is truly unparalleled.
  • Moto Of Jaywant Group
    As our chairman says
    " Lets Root For Each Other And Watch Each Other Grow " .
    Jaywant Group, under the guidance of Mr.Dinesh C. Rathod have always believed to live on its moto Grow With Us. You would see the magical touch of our brand in all properties that bear its name We try and create new windows of oppourtunities for our clients with great investment plans for their growth.

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