Why Clean and Green Environment For Sustainable Development?

A whole lot of diseases can be traced back to unhygienic environments and irresponsible waste disposal. The importance of cleanliness is known to all now, people try to keep their homes clean while they somehow just forget that they are responsible for the cleanliness of the Environment as well.

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Why Sanitation and Neatness Is Necessary?

They play an important role in our day to day routine. It is important as it prevents dangerous diseases like Dengue, Typhoid, Hepatitis, and other diseases caused by mosquito bite, etc. It can be spread due to living in an Unhygienic Condition.There will also be an accumulation of trash and dirt if clean measures aren’t taken.

Why Should We Do

Cleanliness Drives?

It could be due to lack of knowledge, sheer laziness or irresponsibility. Thus we bring you Cleanliness Drives through which we make people aware of the importance and methods of handling waste responsibly and try to take a step towards a cleaner environment. It also brings Good and Positive thoughts in the mind which slows down the occurrence of diseases.

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How can we be a part of the CLEANING DRIVE?

Proper Segregation of Wastes:

One of the most important things in maintaining a cleaner society is to manage the wastes in the most effective way. It is a fact that we can’t avoid wastes, but what is important is how to dispose it without harming the environment. Now there are two kinds of waste- Biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. It is important to keep the two different wastes separate from one another. It means this can be possible only by segregating waste material which is not useful such as plastic covers, bottles along with biodegradables. As plastic is a very harmful pollutant of nature, the campaign also promotes to replace plastic bags with that of paper bags.

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Use of biodegradable packaging:

Using papers for packaging instead of plastic is another noble way of keeping the surroundings clean and pollution-free. As plastic bottles and bags are non biodegradable wastes, they need to be replaced with natural wastes. Papers are possible to mix with which plastic cannot.
All the above are some of the points that can help in maintaining a cleaner community. But the very first thing to keep in mind is our duty towards our society and surroundings. If we want to bring the change, we ourselves need to be change first. Just as charity begins at home, similarly cleanliness also starts from home only.

Do not Throw wastes out of place:

Throwing wastes here and there makes the environment dirty. If your living place is not hygienic, there is nothing that can prevent you from having infections and diseases. So, it is best to keep the wastes at its proper places and keep the environment clean.

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