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Crowdfunding is the process of non-profit organisations — NGOs, foundations, associations, collectives, and so on — collecting voluntary donations of money or other resources in order to carry out their projects. Depending on the scenario and the organisation, many types of supplies can be gathered: food and drink, medicines, toys, clothing, but most importantly, money. This can be utilised to aid someone in need or to establish a new business for someone who doesn't have enough money.

Why should you CROWDFUND?

Helps Tackle Poverty

Crowdfunding is a fantastic concept in which a great quantity of money may be gathered from a large number of individuals all over the world via digital platforms to support a particular cause. You can, for example, utilise the internet to promote a cause or an idea for which you wish to raise funding. People who like your post/campaign/story may be willing to donate money. This is how crowdsourcing may aid in the fight against poverty.

warehouse space for rent
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Share A Cent, Save A Soul

Every drop makes a mighty ocean. Similarly, every penny contributed in a cause like this collaboratively means way more when considered individually. Loans and donations are two types of internet Crowdfunding that might help people get out of poverty. The loan assists impoverished individuals in starting a business or resolving a specific difficulty they may be experiencing as a result of their poverty, such as education, food, manufacturing, or transportation.

People Helping People

Donation-based crowdfunding is now one of the most popular fundraising methods in India. It is a powerful instrument that is used to empower individuals and groups in order to improve the living conditions of the poor. It aids in the bridging of barriers and allows humanity to progress. Even a tiny donation can make a big difference for someone who is truly in need.

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